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                              trolley washer

                              Specially designed for large food processing enterprises, the standard 200L meat cart washer automatically and quickly cleans the inside and outside of the cart of dirt, saving time and water and reducing the labour intensity of the operator.

                              The material trolley is generally 304 or 316, and many large food factories use large numbers of stainless steel trolleys in their production turnarounds, which is very convenient; standardised management companies must clean their trolleys after use to ensure the food safety and hygiene standards of their products. Experience?

                              Feeder truck cleaning is not a simple job, most hopper trucks are used in the meat workshop, after use of the feeder truck wall will hang meat slurry, there will be animal oil, it is difficult to deal with, only the use of hot water and alkaline food detergent to deal with clean, so large enterprises to wash the feeder truck mobility, the following we recommend to you Kantar company of a feeder truck cleaning equipment:


                              Our trolley cleaning machine is mainly used   in meat products processing enterprises and hot pot seasoning enterprises. It   is suitable for tissues with a large number and high cleanliness   requirements. The machine has the functions of cleaning and sterilization.

                              The washer which can quickly clean and process the trolleys, remove the dirt on the tray, and realize the sterilization of the tray through solution (chlorine solution, etc.), the whole machine only needs one person to operate, which can save Labor. At the same time, the cleaning water is recycled, saving water.

                              In the daily life cycle, the trolley becomes very dirty. Meat, grease and other dirt are all objects that need to be cleaned on the trolley. Kanzda's trolley washer has a powerful two-stage cleaning system, which can clean every part of the trolley without dead corners.


                               Standard features of the tray washer are:


                              ?  Powerful driving force supply: trolley washer is equipped with 304 stainless steel pump with large flow, and the cleaning process reaches two levels, design the spray system according to the specifications of the trolleys, and spray the trolley in all directions without dead corners.


                              ?   With the transmission system and guide rail which are completely consistent with the trolley, the trolley will not turn over even if it works for a long time.

                              ?    Smart filtration system with extended screen surface, matched with the nozzle diameter, to prevent clogging.

                              ?   Siemens inverter control operation

                              ?  Omron photoelectric switch to accurately measure the residence position of the spray system.

                              ?  Tank automatic heating system, control element "AIRTAC" liquid valve.

                              ?    Automatic disinfection system, automatically filling cleaning and disinfection solution according to water consumption.

                              ?   Kanzda’s  produces different voltage washer suitable for different    countries and regions. For example: 415V / 380V / 440V / 230V

                              Our washer is a food-grade   cleaning machine. The material of the whole machine is 304 stainless steel.   Of course, necessary components such as motor, water pump and fan need to be   removed. This will conform to the food safety level and will have better   safety.

                              The spray system adopts 304 stainless steel   nozzle to completely cover the whole material truck without dead angle   cleaning.

                              The washer is   equipped with two layers of filter devices for each group of cleaning, which   can ensure the recycling of cleaning water to the greatest extent, and there   is no need to replace the cleaning water in a short time.


                              參數 / SPECIFICATIONS



                              L2850 x W2200 x H2200 mm


                              15-40 trolleys/hour

                               PUMP CAPACITY

                              3.6-24m3/ hour  @ 2-5bar








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