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                              Egg tray washer

                              The automatic egg tray cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning 30 egg trays, with a maximum processing capacity of 9,000 pieces per hour. It is an excellent cleaning assistant for large egg companies.


                              Kanzda's Egg tray washer is used in egg   industry enterprises and egg farms. It is suitable for washing,   sterilization, stacking and drying of a large batch of 30 egg trays. The   products can be customized and processed according to egg trays.

                              The washer which can quickly clean and process the egg tray, remove the dirt on the tray, and realize the sterilization of the tray through solution (chlorine solution, etc.), the whole machine only needs one person to operate, which can save Labor. At the same time, the cleaning water is recycled, saving water. 

                              In the daily life cycle, the egg tray becomes very dirty. The feather, egg skin and damaged egg liquid are all the objects to be cleaned on the egg tray, especially the egg liquid will become hard after drying, and the two contact trays are not easy to separate. Kanzda's Egg tray washer has a powerful automatic tray distribution system, which can divide the stacked Egg tray into each part for cleaning.

                              Standard features of the Kanzda tray washer are:

                              ?    Powerful driving force supply: BWM-ET70 Tray washer is equipped with 304 stainless steel pump with large flow, and the cleaning process reaches three levels, design the spray system according to the specifications of the egg tray, and spray the tray in all directions without dead corners.

                              ?    With the transmission system and guide rail which are completely consistent with the tray, the tray will not turn over even if it works for a long time.

                              ?    Equipped with two sets of water remover, 95% of the water on the tray can be removed.

                              ?    Smart filtration system with extended screen surface, matched with the nozzle diameter, to prevent clogging.

                              ?    Extra brushes for dirty trays

                              ?    Siemens inverter control operation

                              ?    Omron photoelectric switch, accurate measurement.

                              ?    Water tank automatic heating system.

                              ?    Automatic disinfectant system.

                              ?    Kanzda produces different voltage washer

                               suitable for different countries and regions.

                               For example: 415V / 380V / 440V / 230V


                              L7000 x W3600 mm


                              600-5000 trays/hour

                              PUMP CAPACITY

                              24-36m3/   hour @ 3.5-5bar

                              POWER SUPPLY

                              380V 60Hz

                              POWER (WITHOUT   HEATING)


                              WATER CONSUMPTION


                              NUMBER OF CHANNELS



                              304 stainless steel

                              OPERATION METHOD


                              NUMBER OF   OPERATORS




                              CONTACT US

                              Contact: Alex Zhou

                              Phone: 15762551288

                              Tel: 13070773636

                              Email: alex.zhou@kanzda.com

                              Add: No.487,Heya Road,Changcheng Town,Zhucheng City,Shandong Province