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                              Automatic crate washer

                              Product introduction

                              This industrial crate washer is designed for two-person operation/continuous operation through tunnel washing.It can clean and dispose of oil and dust attached to plastic crates (baskets) and stainless steel trays. (except for crates that are old, damaged, firmly attached to contaminants, and have not been treated for a long time).

                              The machine is equipped with three dosing pumps, which can automatically add detergent or disinfectant to the water tank.

                              It is equipped with two steam exhaust fan, which can discharge the steam inside the machine to the outside through pipes.

                              The machine uses electric heating, each water tank has two 9Kw heating pipes, which can ensure that the temperature of the circulating water in the water tank is maintained at 85.

                              Work process 

                              •   The operator places the crates on the feeding part of the washing machine.

                              •   The first stage washing (hot water + detergent) is used as the initial washing, pre-washing and degreasing the crate.

                              •   The second stage washing (hot water + detergent) as the main washing stage, can remove almost all stains on the crate surface.

                              •   The third stage washing (hot water + disinfectant) as the last stage washing, remove the washing agent, and sterilize the crate.

                              •   At last, controlled by solenoid valve, flush the crate with clean water.

                              •   Under the action of the steam exhaust fan, the steam is discharged to the outdoor with the pipeline.

                              •   Because the crates to be cleaned are of different sizes, you can only clean the crates of the same size each time. After washing the trays of one size, you need to manually adjust the guide rails and then clean the crate of another size.

                              •   After washing, the trays leave the washing tunnel and arrive at the unloading station.

                              •   Personnel move them to areas where they are stored or used. The baking dish you provide suggests vertical washing, which is convenient to remove water.

                              Video description

                              Product details


                              The appearance of crate washer


                              Feed inlet




                              Products Show


                              Air blower


                              Water pump


                              Water tank

                              Parameters Table


                              Automatic crate washer


                              1500 pcs/h




                              13.5 Kw


                              304 stainless steel

                              Heating method

                              Electrical / steam


                              5800*1900*1400 mm

                              Washing speed



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