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                            1. Welcome: Kangzhida Machinery Co., Ltd. (CHINA)
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                              OUR COMPANY

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                              About Us

                              ABOUT US

                              We have been transforming the ideas and visions projects.

                              Yongfeng Zhou, chief engineer of Kanzda Company, has been manufacturing high-quality container and vegetable cleaning systems for nearly 20 years.Yongfeng Zhou has plenty of experience in the cleaning industry. He has been in contact with the machinery industry since 2002, and was first engaged in machinery manufacturing and maintenance in state-owned enterprises. The mechanical manufacturing knowledge he acquired is very rich and profound.Then, he and his brother established Kanzda in 2016, and the company has now become a leading manufacturer of cleaning machinery in the industry. They broke the traditional manufacturing concept and developed high-end equipment to meet higher food hygiene ...

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                              OUR PRODUCTS

                              Professional and rigorous standards of German precision manufacturing

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                              Comprehensive System Assistance, Six-star Support System

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                              Approach everyone who pursues fashion

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                              Comprehensive Function Upgrade

                              365 day service, rain or shine

                              365 day service, rain or shine

                              Powerful after-sales service system, online all year round, perfect answer to after-sales customer sales series of quest

                              Team guarantee to relieve worries

                              Team guarantee to relieve worries

                              Strong production team, R & D team, marketing team, strength guarantee

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                              Mutual benefit and common development